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It seems AnnaSophia has booked a new movie, and filming has started already, too! AnnaSophia posted a picture of her and actor Ed Westwick on set just now, and I have added this picture to the gallery. The movie was renamed from A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island to The Broken Bench, and you can find out more about the movie on its IMDb page. Other than Ed, AnnaSophia’s costars in the flick will include Minnie Driver and Dianna Agron, among others. The movie will be an indie thriller, and following is a short synopsis:

Conspiracy reportedly follows an ex-Wall Street man who is enlisted by the Secretary of the Treasury to thwart a cyber attack that threatens to derail the American economy. To complete the task at hand he recruits a rag tag team of misfits.



Ellie said (November 17th, 2013):

i wonder how she keeps up with TCD filming…
anyway, super exited about her new role!
and of course, we all <3 Ed :D

Maria said (November 18th, 2013):

Ellie I think they are about to finish to film TCD cause last week they were reading the last episode for this new season.

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