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AnnaSophia Robb on Her New Movie and Beauty Favorites
September 2014 || By Dianne Vavra

My dear friend AnnaSophia Robb’s sunny charm has made her a box-office draw since the tender age of 12. The petite stunner’s roles have ranged from an alienated teen experiencing romance for the first time in The Way Way Back to the very bossy Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a young Carrie Bradshaw in The CW’s Sex and the City prequel, The Carrie Diaries. This month, the 20-year-old star will take on a very different role: that of college freshman beginning her first term at New York University.

AnnaSophia and I met two years ago, when she attended a New York party that I hosted for Natalie Portman. At the time she was filming The Carrie Diaries, and I was so taken by her beautiful face for makeup that I immediately sent her some Dior products. She’s been a loyal fan and a true friend ever since. In a recent catch-up session, we talked about her role in the upcoming film Jack of the Red Hearts, her beloved new pet, and her love of the Hamptons.

We recently spent a fun day together with your new puppy, Sir Fergusson, who is adorable—and quite photogenic!
Ferg loves to get his picture taken. He loves attention. My boyfriend and I named him after one of our mentors. I added the “sir” for a laugh. We both love dogs. We also thought that Fergusson would help us with time management, patience, and that he’d force us outside in the winter even when it is freezing. Recently in Colorado, I took him swimming in a couple of creeks. He loved it!


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AnnaSophia was at Aloft Hotel’s 100 Days of Music Kick-Off Event on Tuesday, where she checked out a performance by Better Than Ezra. Up in the gallery are a few pictures of the event!

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AnnaSophia Robb on balancing college and acting
September 15th, 2014 || By Lauren Moraski

AnnaSophia Robb recently began her first semester at New York University. As a freshman, she’s unsure about her major right now — she’s still “figuring that out.” But one thing she does know is that so far she loves both college and New York City.

“My education has always been really important to me,” said the 20-year-old actress and star of the films “Bridge to Terabithia,” “Race to “Soul Surfer” and “The Way Way Back.” “It’s something I get really excited about. I love going to class, reading articles. I know I can do that by myself, but there’s something special about a classroom. When you’re in school, you’re around a group of people and you manage to share similar interests….I just like being surrounded by a diverse community…And I fell in love with New York.”


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AnnaSophia helped out at the Annual Charity Day Hosted By Cantor Fitzgerald And BGC earlier today, and pictures of that are now up in the gallery!

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AnnaSophia was at the Rebecca Minkoff show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015 last Friday and pictures of that are now up in the gallery. Be sure to have a look!

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AnnaSophia Robb’s Fashion Week Attire
September 4th, 2014 || By Vanessa Lawrence

The actress wore a brand new piece from Katie Ermilio’s Spring 2015 collection.

Who: AnnaSophia Robb
Where: A Katie Ermilio dinner at Margaux at the Marlton Hotel in New York.
When: Wednesday, September 3rd
What: A French embroidered Chantilly lace bandeau and swing skirt from Katie Ermilio Spring 2015.
Why: It may be (almost) fall, but with NYC temps hovering at sweltering levels, Robb’s choice couldn’t have looked cooler or prettier. No wonder she nabbed it fresh off the runway.


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